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Please post a reply to this entry if you would like to offer up AUCTION style:

fanfiction | podfic |  icons |  art |  vids |  fanmixes | other

Please use the following entry format ONLY. If you wish to offer up more than one of the same thing, you can put it all in the one entry (as explained below). If you wish to offer up different things (i.e. Podfic vs Fic vs Art), please use separate entries and make any differences clear.

CLARIFICATION! Some people have asked about the bid requirements. Please choose what works best for you, your fanwork, and your talents. Examples include:
- Offering a max of 3 fics: Bids start at $1 per 1K, up to 30K
- Offering 1 podfic: Bids start at $5 per 1K, no max limit

In the SUBJECT LINE please put your username then copy/paste the text box below...


Unsure about where to donate? LOOK HERE.

After you donate, email a screenshot of your donation with your name to fandomaid.harvey [at] Gmail [dot] com. BLACK OUT all info you don't want the bad guys to steal.
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Username: [personal profile] damalur / [ profile] damalur
AUCTION Offer: Fanfiction (one story of at least 2,000 words)
Fandoms: Currently into Dragon Age (DA2, Hawke, Hawke/Varric, gen), Mass Effect (Shepard/Garrus), and Marvel (616, Carol Danvers, Kate Bishop, Tony Stark, Carol/Rhodey, Carol/Jess, America/Kate, Tony/Steve), but please feel free to ask about other fandoms or characters, particularly fandoms I've written in before.
Bid Requirements: $1 minimum.
Won't Create: I generally don't write sexually explicit stories, but if you're curious about something that isn't in my usual wheelhouse, give me a shout! I'm definitely open to negotiation.
Additional Notes: I’m also totally open to writing sequels or additional installments for (most) previously posted stories.
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I'll bid $10.

(Bidding correctly this time, hopefully!)
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Definitely! Or email me at